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Joan Griffith
Joan Griffith
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Authentic Presence & Wild Wood Art

owner: Joan Griffith 

For the past 40 years, Authentic Presence owner, Joan Griffith, has been living between Austin and  Meso-America.   Meso-America lies between the lakes north of Mexico City and the lake in northern Nicaragua. The result of this exploration of the alternate lifestyles and ancient cultures has been a desire to share their wisdom with others. So, about ten years ago Joan began to take small groups of friends and like-minded folks to visit her “collections of precious people.”

Having recently completed her 50th trip, Joan explains that she finds that she truly enjoys  helping people experience life in a different way than they are accustomed.

Joan,who herself is fluent in Spanish, prides herself in partnering with stellar local guides, who assist in securing safe and comfortable ways to have experiences that are often thought of as untouchable travel destinations and adventures.  

Lifelong friendships are formed between guides, participants and the local people.